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did wilson get suspended nhl

I can’t believe that NHL suspended Wilson; what a shocker! I was already mad about the loss of the Stanley Cup race due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but to hear that one of its star players Wilson got suspended was just too much to take.

The incident happened last Wednesday evening. At the start of the game, Wilson bodychecked an opponent player and 5 minutes later, the referee called him for elbowing as well. That gave him an automatic match penalty and got him suspended.

Wilson is such a talented player, of course people were floored. He is the kind of player who can almost pull off the impossible when things look bleak for his team. We all feared he will miss the rest of the season and my heart went out for the Washington Capitals and the NHL in general.

The situation got me thinking, how could such an experienced and talented player make such a mistake? It was a sudden impulse and even though Wilson apologized for his actions, NHL had no choice but to suspend him. Was that a fair decision?

A long discussion started on social media with people asking hot questions and opinions flying about. Everyone was trying to make sense of what had happened and trying to defend Wilson, but at the same time be sympathetic to the NHL’s decision.

I personally believe that Wilson got what he deserved. Although it’s a tough decision and we feel bad for him, aggressive acts like this can’t be condoned in any sport. Still, it’s not the end of the world for Wilson and with a little rest and working on his behavior, he can come back and play in the cheap nhl jerseys again.

Others argued that Wilson should be given one more chance as he had a clean record until that game. His fans were chipping in with their thoughts and beliefs and it kept going for a while, but personally, I think that the cheap nhl jerseys had the right to suspend him for sure.

Everybody also talked a lot about the future of the Washington Capitals. What kind of impact the suspension will have on the team’s performance and morale? Everyone was concerned about the Capitals having to fill the gap that Wilsoon will leave.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain, the incident opened up a can of worms and showed a light on how violence and anger are still prevalent in the sport of hockey and how we should try to control it. It is an excellent opportunity for NHL and the Capitals to reflect on how these things can be prevented in the future.

Let’s just hope that Wilson learns from his mistakes and will come back with a vengeance after serving his suspension. I think that he still has many good years in the NHL ahead of him and can still make a huge impact on the sport.Hockey jerseys | We found these painted on a fence, in front\u2026 | Flickr