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mlb fantasy closer rankings

Are you ready to dominate your MLB fantasy league this season? One key component to a successful team is having a strong bullpen, and that starts with your closers.​ Closers play a vital role in securing those much-needed saves, and having a reliable one can make or break your fantasy team.​ In this article, we will break down the top closer options for your fantasy team, giving you the edge you need to come out on top.​

1.​ Aroldis Chapman – when did mlb wild card change it comes to dominant closers, Chapman is at the top of the list.​ Known for his blistering fastball and devastating slider, he strikes fear into the hearts of opposing batters.​ Chapman has consistently been a top-tier closer and shows no signs of slowing down.​ With the New York Yankees expected to be a strong team this season, Chapman will have plenty of save opportunities.​

2.​ Josh Hader – Hader burst onto the scene a few years ago and quickly became one of the most dominant closers in the game.​ With his deceptive delivery and unhittable fastball, he racks up strikeouts at an astonishing rate.​ Hader also provides value in leagues that count holds, as he often enters games in high-leverage situations.​ Don’t sleep on Hader when it comes to closers.​

3.​ Liam Hendriks – After a breakout season in 2020, Hendriks solidified himself as one of the elite closers in the league.​ With his fastball-slider combination, he has the ability to overpower hitters.​ Hendriks also boasts an impressive strikeout rate and a high save conversion rate.​ Now with the Chicago White Sox, who are expected to contend, Hendriks will have plenty of save opportunities.​

4.​ Kirby Yates – Although Yates struggled with injuries last season, he has proven himself to be one of the best closers when healthy.​ His lethal splitter is one of the toughest pitches to hit, resulting in a high strikeout rate.​ If Yates can stay healthy, he has the potential to be a top-tier closer once again.​ The Toronto Blue Jays will provide him with ample save opportunities.​

5.​ Brad Hand – Hand has been a consistent closer throughout his career, and he continues to excel in the role.​ With a deceptive delivery and an array of pitches, he keeps hitters off-balance.​ Hand also possesses excellent control, rarely issuing walks.​ Now with the Washington Nationals, Hand will be a reliable option for saves.​

Moving on to the next set of closers, let’s evaluate some up-and-coming talents to keep an eye on for the upcoming season.​

1.​ Devin Williams – Williams burst onto the scene last season with his devastating changeup, earning him the National League Rookie of the Year award.​ Although he may not have the closing role just yet, Williams is a valuable asset due to his strikeout ability and how much to stream mlb on tunein potential for holds.​ Don’t be surprised if he eventually takes over as the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers.​

2.​ Jordan Hicks – Hicks missed the entire 2020 season due to injury, but he is poised for a strong comeback in 2021.​ With his electric fastball, Hicks can reach triple digits on the radar gun.​ The St.​ Louis Cardinals have confidence in Hicks’ ability to close games, so keep an eye on him as a potential breakout candidate.​

3.​ Emmanuel Clase – Clase has one of the most electric arms in baseball, regularly hitting triple digits with his fastball.​ Although he may not have the closing role to start the season, he has the stuff to eventually grab the job.​ The Cleveland Indians will rely on Clase in late-inning situations, MLB cast making him a valuable fantasy asset.​

4.​ Diego Castillo – Castillo has been a reliable closer for the Tampa Bay Rays over the past few seasons.​ With a deceptive delivery and a variety of pitches, he keeps hitters guessing.​ Although saves might be harder to come by on a Rays team that frequently utilizes multiple relievers, Castillo’s skill set makes him worth considering for your fantasy team.​

In conclusion, having a strong closer can greatly benefit your MLB fantasy team.​ Aroldis Chapman, Josh Hader, and Liam Hendriks are established closers who consistently perform at a high level.​ Kirby Yates and Brad Hand offer reliability and consistency, while up-and-coming talents like Devin Williams, Jordan Hicks, Emmanuel Clase, and %anchor_text% Diego Castillo provide a glimpse into the future of the closing role.​ By prioritizing these closers in your draft or auction, you’ll be one step closer to fantasy baseball glory.​